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Welcome to WINDOW TINTING SERVICES, your one-stop shopping centre for all your quality Window Film needs.

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Window Film Tinting Services

Commercial Window Film


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Window Film is one of today's most important window accessories.  From Decorative Window Film and Tinting and Safety and Security Window Film to Comfort Control and Environmental concerns such as Bird Safe Window Film, Window Tinting Film is the most economical way to improve your peace of mind and the value of your property. 

We are a Toronto based Window Tinting Company specializing in both Residential Window Film and Tinting and Commercial Window Film and Tinting.  Both Window Film and Window Tinting are easy to install, and even easier to remove - unlike replacing glass.  Decorative and / or Tinted Window Film is used throughout the world for Security, Weather Hazards, Protection from the sun’s heat and UV rays, Decoration, Privacy and for Bird Safety and in Commercial Applications.

Window Film offers many types of protection and convenience including:

Residential Window Tinting Film – Toronto (GTA)

Sun Control Window Tinting Film - Reduce stress and damage from direct sun contact, including heat and UV rays. Direct sunshine can bleach and discolor items, causing significant cosmetic and structural damage to them, reducing their value and / or longevity.  Our Residential Window Film protects areas which are prone to intense sunlight and sun damage.  This damage can be significant in your home, office or car.   Sun Control Window Tinting Film will help protect your investments from this damage. “Win”.

Glare Reduction Window Tinting Film - In both the home and office environments, productivity and comfort are of prime importance.  "Hot Spots", where heat builds up or causes glare on screens, can be intense enough to cause errors, inefficiencies, or even health problems. Our Commercial Window Film takes care of your business, co-workers and employees, while reducing your expenses.  This Film is a “Win/Win”.

Heat Control Window Tinting Film - Reducing energy costs is a primary feature of Heat Control Window Tinting Film. With proper installation, this Window Film can have a significant and positive impact on your HVAC costs, whether for home or commercial applications. “Win/Win/Win.”

Decorative, Privacy & Signage Window Film - From Signage and Privacy to Security and Decorative Design, Window Film is the easiest and most economical way to increase the value of your property.  From external uses to interior décor, Window Film is an obvious and inexpensive way to enhance the value of your home or business.  From Frosted Home and Office window film, to Etched, Patterned and Logo Designed Decorative Film Window Enhancement is by far the more economical way to add beauty and value to your holdings. With hundreds of options, the possibilities are endless.  And we can help.

Security & Safety Window Film

Security and Anti-graffiti Window Film - Protect your loved ones, your home and your business from break-ins, vandals and thieves.  Nothing is as economically viable as Window Film. Because Safety Window Film is constructed of layers of polyester, bound with strong glue, and applied to various surfaces, you are protected in many ways.  Break-ins are much more difficult.  With our Anti-Graffiti Window Film, Vandals cannot deface your property easily, and any damage they create is inexpensively fixed with a simple and easy clean up.  Personal injury from flying shards of glass, often caused by natural disasters such as Straight-Line Winds, Tornados, Hurricanes or Natural Disasters such as accidental Gas Explosions or Terrorist Bombings, will be reduced to near nothing.  Protect your family, co-workers and employees easily at the lowest possible price with our Safety and Anti-Graffiti Window Film.  Gain safety and peace of mind and save on your insurance at the same time.

Privacy Window Film - Interior or Exterior Window Tinting Film can provide the utmost privacy at the lowest cost.  From stylish, Decorative Window Film patterns to complete White-out or Black-out, Window Film provides excellent results at a much lower cost.  Also available is electrically-switchable smart film, which provides either complete see-thru viewing or total privacy at the flick of a switch.

Environmental protection - Not only does Window Tinting Film reduce costs by minimizing energy needs and providing additional comfort and safety, but it can help the environment as well.  We feature Bird Safety and Protection Film.  These films are designed so birds (who cannot “see” that they are flying into a reflection) see that there is something there and are warned off, thus stopping birds from flying into windows and dying or being severely harmed.

Economy - Perhaps the largest convenience Window Film offers is how easily and inexpensively one can change film decisions, thereby increasing property value and personal satisfaction.  Experienced installers know the most efficient, fastest and least expensive ways to remove and replace film.

Wholesale Window Film & Distribution

Window Tinting Services is a Wholesale Window Film Distributor and window film provider for all types of film:  Automotive, Commercial, Residential, Safety, Security, Decorative, Anti Graffiti, Carbon Fiber and Vinyl in various colors and designs.  We distribute any quantity, anywhere in Canada, the U.S. or any location throughout the world. Our Wholesale Window Film prices are extremely competitive and affordable. 

Please call our Window Film Wholesale department at (905) 532-0333 for pricing, ordering or additional information.  We also feature Paint Protection Film in all sizes.  And we can pre-cut to your specifications for do-it-yourself jobs.

Our Toronto Window Film wholesale department has, in stock, a variety of window films in various sizes and more importantly colors.   If you are looking for a special window film for your house, you will be able to choose a shade that matches your existing wall color. We are here to help you to choose the proper window film for your house and office and make sure that the job will be done to your satisfaction.

Window Tinting School & Courses

For 13 years and counting, our Window Tinting School and Courses have offered hundreds of students the opportunity to learn a new and very lucrative trade.  Most of our graduates have opened their own Window Tinting Business and are doing quite well.  It looks like we are doing the right thing.

Our 6 day Window Tinting School for Automotive Window Tinting is perfect for anyone who wants to begin their own window tinting business.  Our School of Window Tinting is the most popular in North America and we stand behind each student both while they are in school and afterward.  Your success is our success and we take that seriously.  Come learn window tinting from some of the best in the industry.  We love questions both in class and when you get out.  Never hesitate to call or email us and we will get right back with you.  As a long time and well known GTA Window Tinting Company, we have students from all over the world, including Canada, the United States, Central America, Europe and the Middle East. We evaluate students before starting our school and we teach them according to what they already know about window tinting.  We are here for you as you start your new endeavor and after you get going.

With a wide variety of styles, designs and shades of Window Film, we are positioned to help everyone, from Commercial Designers, Home Designers, Architects, Commercial Builders, Residential Builders, Decorators, Property Managers, Security Companies, Glass Manufacturers and Installers - to Individual Property Owners.

Please call us at (905) 532-0333 or e-mail  and we will be happy to visit or view your project and give you our advice and a free estimate.   Remember:  For the best quality results and the greatest satisfaction, always use an experienced Window Tinting Film Installer.


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