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Commercial window film Toronto


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Window Tinting Services, “Together we make things better”

What makes your workplace work? It's the "small" things that make a big difference.

Comfort, Security, Quality.

It's to everyone's benefit to have happy employees who can see well and are happy to come to work.

An easy and economical way to increase employee satisfaction AND save money is to provide quality light and clear vision. This is best achieved through Commercial Window Film.

By using commercial window film to control the amount of sunshine that fills your workspace, you can reduce glare on computer screens and prevent uncomfortable sun areas. You and your employees will be more productive if they work in a comfortable space.

An additional benefit to installing Window Film for your Business is the money you will save by spending less on air conditioning, as these screens provide sun control through UV and Infrared protection.  You can save almost one ton of air conditioning per 100 square feet of glass exposed to the sun when you use sun controlling Commercial Window Films, making this a win/win investment.

Toronto Office Window Film

Another advantage of commercial window film for businesses and office environments is the security it provides. Not only does it offer protection from harsh weather and natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, broken branches, hail storms etc., but it provides protection against potential burglars, thieves and vandals.  For example, if a graffiti artist should scribble on your windows, you simply replace the film and keep the underlying expensive glass.  Our Anti-Graffiti Window Film is excellent for this.

If there should be an unfortunate incident such as an explosion or other disaster, a security screen will hold broken panes in place and prevent glass shards from flying out.

Present your business in the best possible light. There are decorative reasons to use film. Decorative Window Film is an inexpensive substitute to installing etched glass. This gives a very appealing look with the option to change it in a very inexpensive manner, and in accordance with tenant preferences.  These Decorative Window Films also provide privacy from prying eyes while allowing a sufficient amount of natural light.

All of these window films present a large advantage if spaces are being leased out, since spaces will be more attractive and at a much lower rate.

Be sure to use an authorized window film installer for the best quality and satisfaction.

Some tips when using an installer:

Ask to see the warranty paper before you make the purchase.  If the window film installer is authorized, they will be able to provide this. The commercial window film should come with a minimum guarantee of 5-10 years which includes the option of replacement and removal.

Ask for a copy of the film-to-glass recommendation sheet.   This sheet will tell you about the products which are manufacturer-recommended for usage on particular types of windows. Using the wrong product can damage the windows and void your warranty, so check the sheet carefully before completing your investment.

Window Tinting Services is based in Toronto, Canada and serves the GTA, including Ontario cities such as Ottawa and Oakville.  In addition to Commercial Window Film, we also feature Toronto Residential Window Film and Tinting, Security and Safety Window Film, and we are a Wholesale Window Film Distributor.  We also offer a Window Tinting School and Courses for those wanting to start their own window tinting business.