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Security safety film Toronto


What is Security Window Film and what are its Benefits?

Security window film or safety window film is basically polyester films that is applied onto a glass or glazing. This helps the glass to be together when it shatters. Security window films are like glass laminations. But the only difference between them is that glass is laminated during manufacture where as a security window film can be put up on an already manufactured glass slab.

These films are used all over the world in cars, trains, busses, homes etc. It is very easy to stick a security window film. The glue used to stick it is of very high quality and sticks smoothly to a window pane or a glass surface. It is of the form of a peel off sticker wherein you just remove a layer to expose the glue part and then stick it. There are multiple benefits of using security window films because of which they are used very commonly around the world.


Security safety film Toronto


Protection from spontaneous glass breakage

There are times when glass of your windows, doors, mirrors; dining tables etc break due to some accident. This spreads shards of glass and splinters all around the place which may end up fatal for you.
Glass splinters might penetrate your skin and cause cuts or may even causes serious infections and wounds. Applying a security window film will prevent glass shards from falling apart even if the glass breaks. The same applies to glass window panes on buses, cars etc. There is a set standard of safety window film. A film complying with these safety standards will give you perfect protection.

Protection of glazing and glass windows during natural disasters

Security window films are widely used especially for protection during natural disasters like earthquake. The seismic activities disturb the architectural framework of a building and hence affect the windows too.
But applying a safety film retains the glass in the frame and prevents it from falling off and causing injury. During hurricanes, storms etc, these wills will stop debris from hitting your windows and breaking it.


Security safety film Toronto


Protection from bomb and blast hazards

There are special security window films that are used to sustain huge blasts. Breaking windows during blasts cause a lot of trauma. These films will not only protect the broken glass shards from flying but also may prevent the glass from breaking from the frame altogether. Special care is taken in manufacturing these types of films.