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Welcome to WINDOW TINTING SERVICES, your one-stop shopping center for all your quality Window Film needs.

“Together We Make Things Better”

Wholesale Window Film Distributor – Toronto, Canada


Window Tinting Services is a quality, affordable Wholesale Window Film Provider and Distributor for all types of projects:  Automotive, Commercial, Residential, Decorative, Comfort Control, Safety and Security, Decorative, Anti-graffiti, Carbon Fiber, Environmental "Bird Safety", Vinyl and Smart “electrostatic film”.

We provide a wide range of colors, designs and types.
We have paint protection film in all sizes.
We will “cut to size”.

We distribute any quantity to any part of Canada, the USA or throughout in the world.

Our Wholesale Window Film prices are very competitive and affordable.  We are your most economic source for film.

The wholesale department at Window Tinting Services always has a wide variety of in stock Window Film in various colors and sizes. With our wide range of stock, you will  easily be able to choose the exact product you need.

For information, a price quote or to order, please contact our Window Film Wholesale Canada department at (905)532-0333, email

How to Choose Window Film

Window film varieties have a wide range of uses and benefits. You can use window film for decorative purposes, sun blocking and even as a security window film.  There are various standards and ways in which each type of film is manufactured.  For instance, Security and Safety Window Film is more expensive to produce than normal sun blocking and UV radiation films.

There are many wholesale window film shops from which you can purchase window film based on your requirements.  Depending on your needs and budget, you can select what you want from a wide range. It is easier to buy from a Wholesale Window Film Distributor if you need film in large quantities, such as screening all the windows of your house, or protecting all your vehicle window panes etc.

Window Film Distribution

Decide on the Window Film’s Purpose

This is an important aspect to consider. Window film is available for various purposes and for various glass surfaces such as those on doors, windows, car window panes, etc. There is window film for UV protection, safety purposes, etc. Once you are sure about your requirements, you can ask window film wholesale businesses to tell you the various options available to you.

The advantage of doing business with a window tinting wholesale shop is that you will get bulk material as you need it. Typically a wholesale window film business will be very knowledgeable about what to use, where and how. You can take this assistance to better determine which window film to buy.

Quality of Window Film

Window Tinting Film has set safety and radiation standards.  In some places, one level of UV reflection is sufficient while elsewhere the level will need to be different.  The same applies to security window film.  When buying window film, ensure that the wholesale window film business gives you film that complies with essential standards.

Canada Window Film distribution

How to apply the film?

Window film can be applied very easily and effortlessly. You can even do it yourself.  But sometimes you may find it difficult to apply a film. Window film wholesale shops will provide you with package deals wherein you buy film from their shop and they will send trained workers to apply the film to your windows.

You can even hire a separate window film applying service to do the job.  It is advisable to hire one, especially if you have really high and long windows. It is also advisable to get experienced workers to put on safety film, as it needs to be applied properly to protect the glass.

Window Tinting Services is based in Toronto, Canada and serves the GTA, including Ontario cities such as Etobicoke, Thornhill, Hamilton, Ottawa and Oakville.  In addition to being a Wholesale Window Film Distributor, we feature Commercial Window Film as well as Toronto Residential Window Film and TintingSecurity and Safety Window Film is another important division at Window Tinting Services.  We also offer a Window Tinting School and Courses for those wanting to start their own window tinting business.