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Window film Mississauga

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Window Films Vs Blinds- Why window films are better
Most people have this notion that glass tinting products or window films have their utility fixed only during the warm summer months. However, the fact of the matter is that these products function throughout the year. Our window film Mississauga company can educate you on the various utility offered by window films in comparison with blinds.

What is tint?
Tint is a solar control solution that is quite popular these days. They provide a far better alternative to closing of your blinds in the daytime, so as to avoid the nasty rays of the sun.
Window film for change in sun’s position
For those who live to the north of equator, the change in the sun’s position becomes a headache during the fall. This glaring problem can be easily combated with the window film.
By virtue of the window film you do not have to lose the view and shut the world as normally people do when they simply close the blinds to block out the sun. For seeking of relief from the glare and heat of sun, you do not have to shut out mountain, waterfront and city views.

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Types of window films

There are several kinds of window films made available by the manufacturers like graphic, security, safety, seismic, interior design and solar. Each is unique and different and offer plenty of utilities.

Solar control films
With the latest technologies implemented to manufacture solar control films, now you will not have to live or work in a prison-like oppressive environment. These films are affordable and are of great utility.
These films act as great solar control solutions to reduce solar glare, UV rays and heat. There are two kinds of such films- non-reflective and reflective. Most homeowners opt for the non-reflective ones.

Commercial Mississauga window film


Non-reflective solar control films
One of the most used films is the non-reflective one. They have to be cured and once that is done, they are nearly invisible. This clear film helps in the reduction of glare and heat by up to 65%.
Architects and interior designers mostly use these non-reflective films since they do not give the usual mirrored appearance that the normal glass tinting products that are associated with window films by us.
For those who have great views should enjoy it rather than shutting yourselves from the rest of the world. For detailed information and quotes on installing window films, contact our company window film Mississauga .

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