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Window film Scarborough

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We are window film Toronto company , with more than 25 years experience in window film industry.

Types of Window Films

Window films were invented to modify the temperature inside the house. They are basically super thin scratch resistant contraception constructed from vinyl or polyester. If the window film is not colored it is faint enough to go unnoticed. Modern versions of this film are used for boosting security, improving aesthetics or securing privacy. Additionally they also block out the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Window films with dye

These kinds of window films are used to stop heat from entering the house. After strong UV blockers are carefully added to the underside of the film, a special dye is applied which transfers heat blocking properties to the film. The heat from outside is stopped from going indoors by getting deflected to the glass. Natural convection currents of the air cool off this heat.


Scarborough best prices window film

Window films of Vinyl

These kinds of films are alternatively known as static cling films. Vinyl films were originally designed for aesthetic improvements and to offer some privacy to the owners though there are many more reasons to use them now. Window film Scarborough company installing modern static cling lends stability to the glass and prevents it from shattering.
It’s very easy to install these films though they offer only marginal protection from the searing heat and harmful UV rays.

Metallic window films

Metalized window films are also known as deposited films and they have a pretty complicated production process. Polyester (the base material) is gradually passed through an artificial vacuum which already has embedded metal particles on the surface of the film. These metal pieces give the film the strength to effectively deflect harmful UV rays.
The metallic layer makes the film opaque and its one of the best protective shields against the harmful rays of the sun. This type of windows films also helps the owner retain privacy.

Commercial Scarborough window film


Hybridized films

Hybrid films are the latest discovery in the window film industry and they are multipurpose offering a wide platter of advantages. Dark tinted films with metallic embedded pieces control the temperature and improves the appearance and also offers privacy to your homes. The act of adding a layer of dye to deposited films will increase clarity and reduce the reflective ratio in a window film.
You will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a set of films for your home as they are available in all the colors of the rainbow besides unusual options like gold, bronze, silver and textured patterns.

Scarborough is part of Toronto, with so many new commercial reatil buildings, need to be protected from harmfull UV rays. Pleasew call us for free estimate and best prices around.