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Anti-Graffiti Window Film - Toronto

Toronto, Ontario based Window Tinting Services now offers Anti-Graffiti Window Film that comes in 4 to 6 Mil optically clear film.  Anti-Graffiti film or Anti-Etching Window Film can be applied to glass to protect the surface from all forms of graffiti, such as scratches, scuff marks, acid, paint, etc.

Anti Graffiti Film can be used in public & private places, such as street level windows, front counter tops, on elevators, public transportation, subways, in schools, day cares, and really on any smooth surface. Anti-Graffiti Coatings are becoming more popular as vandalism is on the rise.  This Anti-Graffiti Glass Protection Film is almost invisible after applying, providing protection to the glass from taggers and can easily be removed and replaced.


Canada based Window Tinting Services specializes in innovative window film. From Commercial Window Tinting to Residential, Decorative and Safety and Security Film, we can assist you with any window tinting need you might have.

Toronto Canada based Window Tinting Services serves the GTA, including Ontario cities such as London, Woodbridge, Ottawa and Oakville.  In addition to Anti-Graffiti Window Film and Commercial Window Tinting, we also feature Toronto Residential Window Film and Tinting, Security and Safety Window Film, and we are a Wholesale Window Film Distributor.  We also offer a Window Tinting School and Courses for those wanting to start their own window tinting business.