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Frosted Window Film - Toronto

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Tips for choosing Frosted Window Film for your Home Windows

Summer may bring with it brilliant images of fluffy clouds and picnic baskets, but it also brings a lot of glaring heat.  However, thanks to modern science and technology, there are now window film treatments that provide very effective heat solutions:  Like frosted window film, Haze or Sandblast Window Film to reduce heat and glare from your home.  Residential Window Tinting solutions are made up of two layers of polyester films with metal, ceramic and additional proprietary materials applied inside.  However, there are many varieties of frosted window films on the market.  Below are some features to help you choose which may be a good fit for your project.

Frosted Window Film for decoration

The addition of Decorative Window Film significantly increases the aesthetic value, and to some extent, the resale value of your home by providing a stylish and sophisticated look.  Decorative window film will come in three types of looks; frosted, etched and stained. The window film you choose will change the look of your home drastically, so consider all aspects before making your final choice. These tints will filter UV rays up to 80-90% and provide slight privacy benefits. These tints can be used in many places such as shower glass walls, flexi glass, cabinets and all types of windows. The heat resisting capacities of decorative films is pretty good, but isn’t as strong as exclusive heat protection films.

Pick the Best Frosted Home Window Film

Light and Heat Window Protection Films

Not only does Frosted Window Film prevent your furniture and upholstery from damage caused by the glaring sun, but they also prevent excessive amount of light from getting in.  You can save a lot of money on your heating and cooling bills with these tinted windows.  Up to 80% of all solar heat gain can be kept from entering your home by the correct usage of these tints.  Choosing tints which are too dark will make your home too gloomy since they will block out too much light.  The light blocking capacity you choose should depend on the climate, position of your home and your preferences.  70-80% reduction in glare is appropriate.  And search for window tinting that stops up to 99% of UV rays from entering your home.

Look at the Privacy Quotient

Ensuring privacy is one of the biggest reasons people install window tinting in their homes.  Window tinting in general, but frosted window tinting in particular, will keep neighbors and snoopy people from peering into your home.  Privacy Window Film features both frosted and stained surfaces.  There are many kinds of tint, with varying shades of darkness, available in the market. You have to check the reflectivity of the tints you buy, since high reflectivity will be visible from outside after sunset.  Choose moderate reflectivity and up to 70% tinting for the perfect window solution.

Security Film

Window tinting also offers an advanced degree of security for both home and business as it makes windows shatter resistant.  Flying objects will not be able to harm your windows to the point where glass is shattered everywhere. If you live in a climate which sees frequent storms such as tornadoes, hurricanes or straight line winds, then these kinds of films may be particularly useful to you.  Ask for a window tint which is capable of holding even broken glass shards together.  These residential Window Tinting Solutions also protect your home against intruders and potential break in situations.



Window Tinting Services is based in Toronto, Canada and serves the GTA, including Ontario cities such as Thornhill, Hamilton, Ottawa and Oakville.  In addition to Commercial Window Film, we also feature Toronto Residential Window Film and Tinting, Security and Safety Window Film, and we are a Wholesale Window Film Distributor.  We also offer a Window Tinting School and Courses for those wanting to start their own window tinting business.