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Bird Safe Window Film – Toronto, GTA

Prevent birds from colliding with your windows

Birds can be saved through the use of Bird Friendly Window Film

It is so disturbing and disheartening to hear that “THUMP” at the window, go outside and see that small (or large) bird lying there, hurt or dead because it mistook your window for the open sky.  Every year millions of birds are killed or hurt badly because they fly, at high speed, directly into regular windows that are untreated for Bird Strike Prevention.



As everyone is aware now, our environment, upon which we depend on for our lives, is being degraded and damaged more and more every year.  In these modern times where glass is everywhere, it is imperative to institute Window Strike Prevention since birds are highly susceptible to being hurt by flying into glass; birds which are one of the most important species on the planet. Their benefit to humans is incalculable. The number of insects and vermin they eat save us from so much harm. They provide beauty, and in some cases are part of our diet.  They are vital to all life on this planet.

Bird Friendly Window Film

What can you do? How can you help?

You can install specially designed bird-friendly window film on your glass to Stop Birds from Hitting Your Windows. By Bird Proofing Windows and turning your glass into bird-safe glass, you alert them that there is danger. You can help save their lives. Make your buildings bird friendly.

Unlike us, bird's eyes are on either side of their head, so they do not have the same stereo vision that we humans have. They do not see the 3 dimensional reality of the space we live in. Their depth perception is 0%. They have no “near”! They have no “far”! Instead, they react to shape and/or movement. They are able to detect very subtle patterns and will be warned away by them.

Bird Proof Window Film

Installing bird proof window film is How to stop Birds from flying into windows.  Make bird friendly windows today. We can help you make a bird friendly building with our bird proof window film.

An important note is that you don't need large, unsightly, obvious treatments to have a great effect. There is a good selection of patterns available for your discriminating taste.

Act now, help protect our future.

FLAP protecting the birds

The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) is a non-profit organization run by the huge efforts of more than 100 volunteers.

FLAP is the first organization in the world to address the issue of birds colliding with buildings.  Since 1993, volunteers have picked up tens of thousands of injured or dead birds from 167 species in the Toronto region. Sadly, about 60% of the birds recovered by FLAP are found dead. Over 80% of the injured birds rescued by FLAP volunteers are rehabilitated and released back into the wild.

You can do your share in protecting birds from colliding with windows.  Protect your windows.  Install bird safe window film that the birds can see, so they don’t collide with windows.  Read more about this at

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