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Window Tinting School – Toronto


After 13 years of running our School of Window Tinting, and hundreds upon hundreds of students later, most of them have their own tinting business, and it appears that we are doing the right thing with our inexpensive, very informative and highly instructional Window Tinting Classes and School.

You have definitely come to the right place for expertly run Window Tinting Courses. Our 4 day Window Tinting School for Automotive Window Tinting is perfect for anyone who wants to begin their own window tinting business.  Our School of Window Tinting is the most popular in North America.  Come learn window tinting from some of the best in the industry.

As a long time Window Tint School and well known GTA Window Tinting Company, we have students from all over the world, including Canada, the United States, Central America, Europe and the Middle East. We evaluate students before starting our course and we teach them according what they know about tinting.

As a Car Window Tinting School we know that window tinting is a very profitable trade that you can learn through our program at a very low cost.

Below is an example of the cost to attend our program, and the benefits of being in this trade.

Please give us a call at (905) 532-0333 for more information.  Our staff would be glad to assist you.

This is the least expensive trade to learn and it only takes six days to complete the training.

Toronto Window Tinting School - Cost

Now look at some facts about how cheap this training is and how little time and money you have to spend to open your own business.

As an example:  Say you are coming to our school from Las Vegas, Nevada (USA)
Now, let’s take this a little further…


A roundtrip plane ticket would be around: $950
One week stay in hotel: $700
Food and other expenses: $500
One week training courses: $1200
Total expenses: $3350

And with our training courses, you will get 3 rolls of film with all the necessary tools to immediately start your own business.  With the 3 rolls of film you can tint between 10 to 12 cars. The average earnings per car is $180, which will generate an income of $2,160.

Don’t forget that this cost is an example of someone who comes from another country/state.   If you are a local resident you don’t have to spend money for a plane ticket or hotel. You will spend only $1200. Within one week you will have your own business, or if you want to work for others, we will hire you.  That’s a win / win.

There isn’t another business with this low of an investment and this high of a profit potential.  Just think about it.

You could be making $400 a day or more tinting windows. Look at these numbers…

The average price to tint a car is: $180.00
Your material costs are up to: $ 25.00
Your profit on each car is: $155.00


This guide below shows probable annual earnings working 52 weeks / year. Based on making $155 for every car, look at your potential earnings with this business:


Cars per Day Earnings Per Week Earnings per Year
1 $775.00 $40,300.00
2 $1,550.00 $80,600.00
3 $2,325.00 $120,900.00

Some of the techniques you will learn are listed below: 
We make sure that you are up to date on all of the tricks and methods used in automotive window tinting.
We make sure that you know how to tint a vehicle from start to finish.  From the right method of cleaning a window to shrinking and installing any back glass in one piece. We make sure that you have enough knowledge so if you get into some difficulty, you can solve it.


Wet and dry shrinking for installing curved rear windows in one piece
Reverse rolling installation method for tinting large window pieces by yourself
Relief cuts or a pressure cut for difficult back glass.
Two piece seamless installations for difficult rear windows.
Learn how to tint rear windows with black dot and rubber edges
Proper cleaning techniques for flawless rear window applications

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Window Tinting School

During the six days of training you will learn and get familiar with what is the legal percentage of tinting in Ontario, other provinces and in the USA.

You will learn how to approach the customer when they come to your shop to get their car tinted.  
You will learn how to set up your business and where to get the supplies and tools for your shop.
And finally, we provide you our direct phone number so if you need help…you can call us and we will help you with any questions or any problems you may be having.


Window Tinting Services is based in Toronto, Canada and serves the GTA, including Ontario cities such as Etobicoke, Thornhill, Hamilton, Ottawa and Oakville.  In addition to offering Window Tinting Courses and being a Window Tinting School, we are also a Wholesale Window Film Distributor, and we feature Commercial Window Film as well as Toronto Residential Window Film and TintingSecurity and Safety Window Film is another important division at Window Tinting Services.

Please call us at (905) 532-0333 to enroll for next training course.